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- Singing as a spiritual practice

I had a singing audition after a few months with Doug. The director commented: 'Wow! Have you been taking voice lessons?'

Andrew Edlin

Hypothetical - David Hawkins

Another habit of the mind that creates temporary obstacles is the frequent use of the hypothetical as a source for argument and doubt. It is always possible for the intellect to construct an imaginary set of concepts in such a way to refute anything. The unconscious purpose of the hypothetical position is always the vanity of being 'right' and refuting some other point of view. The hypothetical has no validity and no existence in reality. The 'what if' never has to be addressed in spiritual work inasmuch as it is a spurious product of imagination and languaging whose motive is self-justification of a positionality.

David Hawkins

The Eye of the I, From Which Nothing Is Hidden